Well Told with Bathorium’s Greg Macdonald

Founded by Greg Macdonald and Mathieu Roy Chabot, Bathorium was created with one mission in mind — to revitalize the bath time experience. With soaks, bubble elixirs and bath bombs, each product is created to offer a truly memorable bath experience, focusing on the bather’s wellbeing. Free of any harsh chemicals, phthalates and parabens, Bathorium wants everyone to leave the bath rejuvenated, relaxed and restored.

We caught up with Greg to learn about some of the key health benefits of a regular bathing ritual, and what the perfect bath looks like for him.

For those who aren't already bath enthusiasts, what are some of the most tangible health benefits they can expect to feel when incorporating a bath into their wellness routine?

Bathing is a self-indulgent escape we can create from the comfort of our own homes. The reverence we place on this luxury can determine the benefits we derive from it. That's why I encourage bathers to leave their mobile devices in another room. This is an opportunity to mentally detox from the stresses of day-to-day life. The tub and the walls of your bathroom become your personal sanctuary. Mentally and physically, you emerge cleansed, refreshed, and rejuvenated.

We’re familiar with bubble baths and bath bombs, but can you describe your Bath Soaks and when someone might use them?

I love the effervescent experience of a bath bomb and the alkalinity that results in the water. Our signature Crush Bath Soak product is essentially Crush-ed up bath bombs. Our soaks provide a creamy, frothy bath that fizzes and creates a cappuccino style bubble foam on the top of the water. Each soak has a base of clays, mineral salts, vegan milks, and vegetable butters. These high-end ingredients make the water feel 'soft' and aid in detoxing and soothing dry and lackluster skin. While the bather is luxuriating in this skin rejuvenation the other minerals are also targeting sore and tired muscles. The Bathorium experience is all encompassing and a must-try for any bath enthusiast.

Can you talk about the concept of benefits-based bathing, which is what you founded the company on?

In the past I have found bathing to be a practical, functional and temporary pursuit. I wanted more! I founded Bathorium to enrich and extend the benefits of this ritual. I've formulated each of our bath products to target different ailments —whether that's sore muscles, dry skin, trouble sleeping or self-induced hangovers. By using the mystical healing powers of essential oils and various mineral bases we can craft experiences that rejuvenate the bather - metamorphosize if you will.

What does the perfect bath scenario look like for you?

It's a cold snowy winter night and I've had a long day at work. I've created my bathroom sanctuary. My favourite wood wick candles from @coalandcanary are lit and the flames are reflecting in a healthy pour of Pinot Noir. Norah Jones is softly playing and a novel awaits. I've put half a cup of Northern Sage Recovery Crush Soak and a thimble of BeRejuvenated Elixir in the tub and I'm about to begin my nightly ritual.

Once I emerge from my bath sanctuary, I like to make sure my 'path from the bath' is clear and doesn't bring me down from my Zen state of mine. I don't want to see laundry, untidy rooms, or dirty dishes. The intention is to keep my state of peace and relaxation transitioning into a deep all-night slumber.

What’s one thing that’s been keeping you “well” these days?

The most important wellness strategy in these challenging times for me is keeping a routine. That begins with morning fitness, mid-day meditation and of course my evening bath. It's comforting to have control over some part of our lives and for me, my routine provides that constant through these wild times. Also I've been cooking my way through Julia Child’s cookbook, something I've always wanted to do but never had the time.