Well Told with Cassy Vantriet, founder of Woash Wellness

Founded by Cassy Vantriet, Woash Wellness formulates unique herbal remedies rooted in nature with the highest efficacy to support everyday wellbeing. Inspired by Cassy’s many travels overseas, and through submerging herself into different cultures and their practices, she began to see the significant role nature and plants play in can daily life, from nourishment, income, shelter, ceremonial to medicinal uses. Living on the beautiful West Coast of Canada she became curious about her surroundings and began her experimental journey with herbs. 

For a limited time, receive Woash’s two summer blend teas with any purchase of $40 or more on our site.

1. Just because we’re in the middle of summer, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy a cup of tea. Can you tell us about your two new summer blends Hibiscus Lemonade and Beauty Base? 

Both of our new summer sippers were designed specifically to hydrate, support and nourish us from within throughout these warmer, dryer months. As we were crafting each blend we focused on choosing herbs that carried constituents to help hydration, mineral depletion and skin protection, and balancing qualities all while utilizing their natural sweet and sour flavours. Both blends are great served iced and equally as beneficial. I found through my own experience and our community’s that we don't often prioritize self-care in the summer, and iced tea is such a simple yet powerful way to help support our bodies through all our sun-filled activities. 

2. Beauty Base was created in collaboration with Colette Yeomans, celebrity facialist and founder Clarité Wellness. Can you talk about some of the ingredients you both came up with that support beauty from the inside out? 

We are beyond grateful to have collaborated with Colette on bringing this special blend to life. She has been using this specific blend of herbs for decades in her own practice as well as with her clients to bring the skin back to its natural base by utilizing a variety of herbs to rebalance the skin from within. We believe our skin is a direct reflection of what is going on inside the body, and when one or more things are out of balance it can show up in the skin as dull, tired, inflamed, discoloured or purging. 

Colette chose chamomile to balance the stomach with its calming properties, rosehips and rose petals to tonify and protect the skin, horsetail for its mineral rich and antioxidant properties to encourage collagen production, dandelion leaf to cleanse the liver and blood to brighten the skin and calendula flower for its soothing and mood enhancing properties. This blend was strategically designed to be equally beneficial topically as it is internally. This means you can create a face oil, hydrating facial mist or toner with ingredients right in your kitchen. Check out our blog to discover how to do it!

3. Ingredient sourcing is of course very important to us both as businesses, can you give us some insight into how you go about sourcing the ingredients you use in your teas?

We pride ourselves on creating unique herbal formulations with the highest efficacy which all comes down to each leaf, root, berry and flower being of the highest quality. We source only premium organic ingredients from around the globe, utilizing each herb’s indigenous regions to produce whole-leaf ingredients packed with natural benefits. 

4. Tea is all about rituals; do you have a go-to morning and evening tea blend?
Yes! I have more of a morning routine than an evening and I feel completely off if I don't practice it, however it is always changing depending on what my body is needing and what season it is. I meditate in bed when I first wake up, journal or note anything down that may have come up. I also always make my bed and drink a glass of room temp water followed by dropping my Flower Remedy, currently I'm dropping our Digest Remedy to balance my impatient, frustrated feelings of non-secure emotions. By this time my girl Rocky is staring at me eagerly waiting to go outside for her morning walk. I like to enjoy my dog walks too, so I typically head to a forest trail or view point hike in our neighbourhood. When we return it is finally tea time! I don't really drink tea for the caffeine so it doesn't really act as that practice to wake me up, rather it’s an intentional practice of making something nourishing and delicious to support my body to start my day. My current morning sipper is The BLC as a latte with oat milk and a spoon of Beekeepers honey for immune support. After that I'll check my phone for the first time and head into my inbox to get my work day started. 

5. What’s been keeping you well these days?

ALONE TIME! Creating void space in my daily routine is crucial to my sanity and creativity. This could be taking a walk alone, going for an evening swim by myself, telling everyone to leave me alone for the remainder of the night or slipping into a bath under the stars. My husband and I recently moved out of the city to the interior of BC, Canada as we are seeking more space, nature and a new business venture. However, this move came with a slow-going house hunt, which landed us living with my in-laws for a few months. Coming from someone who is used to living alone, as my husband works out of town a lot, being around people constantly was a huge struggle for me. I had to honour the amount of alone time and space I needed to feel well.