Well Told with Sydonnie Perera, founder of Betta Butter

Birthed and based in Toronto, Canada, Betta Butter is a passion project that came to life in 2021 through self-exploration and creativity. The owner and creative director Sydonnie Perera, educator and wife used the pandemic to infuse two of her prominent passions: cooking and self care to create what we see today, the commencement of a skin care line that prides itself on quality ingredients and self-care, working from the outside in.

Where did your entrepreneurial spirit come from?

My entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in the hustle of my maternal and paternal grandmothers, as well as my mother. I come from a lineage of woman who used their talents to exceed standards. My grandmother would always say “if you work with your hands, you will always be able to provide for yourself.” Making organic and natural skin care products is a labour of love in honour of myself and my ancestors.

What motivated you to create Betta Butter?

Betta Butter began as a creative passion project during the pandemic which joined my passions of cooking and self-care.  I began creating whipped body butter from a tub of Ghanaian Shea Butter that was gifted to me from one of my friends. I started making butters for my family and friends. More people started asking that’s when I decided to share my perfect whipped body butter formula with the world, providing self-care moments through skin love and self-love.

You mention that the skin plays many roles in the maintenance of life and health. What are the most important ways to maintain and balance healthy skin?

I maintain healthy skin by drinking water, keeping an AM/PM  skin care routine while getting a good night’s sleep. I try to drink 2-3 litres of water a day to keep hydrated. I also keep a short but sweet skin care routine to moisturize and protect my skin while adding some self-care moments to my day. Self-care is important to me and my overall well-being. Getting a good night’s sleep gives time for my body and mind to rest and rejuvenate itself naturally.  

Sourcing top quality organic ingredients is not always easy. What does your sourcing process look like and how do you choose your ingredients?

Sourcing ingredients that are high in quality and ethically sourced is very important to Betta Butter. Betta Butter chooses ingredients that are powerhouses in aiding the maintenance and protection of the skin. We try to keep it simple by using natural products from the land, with easy to know and read names, that have been used in my family for generations. By keeping the ingredients from the Earth and using accredited and certified facilities our process stays simple. Our products are scented using essential oils that provide therapeutic healing for the body and mind. We work to incorporate new and innovative ingredients that come from the land to replenish and nourish our skin.

If you had a piece of advice for your younger self or for a woman setting off on her entrepreneurial journey, what would you share?

Consistency. If I could go back to talk to my younger self, I would tell her to keep dreaming big. To follow the dreams that present themselves organically in her life. I would tell her that half the battle is keeping consistent, and that anything good is worth working for, so keep hustling, keep smiling and enjoy the ride.

What’s been keeping you well these days? 

I LOVE a great matcha tea latte. I also been taking a lot of detox baths for my body and mind. I recite and write daily affirmations and keep a gratitude journal. I look forward to riding my bike when the weather gets better.